How I Use My Babiie Pram

Using a pram is a great convenience to many parents. However, improper use many result in discomfort, injuries to baby or caregiver and even death. Because of this, I always take care to observe the recommended precautions whenever I am using my babiie pram.

Precautionary Measures

To prevent mishap, I always use the safety harness on the pram. This is to secure the baby from accidental falls. To ensure that the pram is well balanced, I don’t hang heavy bags on the handle. I put most of my bags or any luggage in the basket underneath the pram to avoid the pram tipping over

In addition, when around and about, I carry as little as possible in the carriage. It is very important to double check the pram folding mechanisms. It needs to be securely locked into place. Otherwise it will collapse and the baby will likely tumble to the ground.

Whenever you stop, engage the wheel braking system. The wriggling of the baby can make the pram roll away from the safety of you presence.

During Use of the Pram

It is advised to avoid pushing the pram over rough ground. This would also include curbs and stairs. The pram can easily tip over and injure the baby. It also wears down the pram much faster.

I take time to teach the baby not to stand up or lean out of the pram. Besides, I teach any older siblings not to climb on it. This prevents tipping over and damage. When I am travelling, and have to jump on a bus, I ask for help. I make sure to hold the handle of my babiie pram and the helper to hold its foot. I do the same when I alight.

Injuries While Using the Babiie Pram

The common injuries to look out for while using the pram include falls, trapped or pinched fingers, strangulation, even death.